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Stenbury Federation "Learning and building a future together"

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Chillerton & Rookley

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Welcome to the Stenbury Federation.

The Stenbury Federation was formed in September 2010 by uniting the three small primary schools Chillerton & Rookley, Godshill and Wroxall in a working partnership. By forming this federation we are able to keep each unique small village school viable by sharing expertise and resources as would happen in a larger school.  

The children benifit greatly by having a personal individual education in a village environment within a "family" of schools. The head teachers have regular meetings sharing information and expertise. Year group teachers share planning and expertise. Subject leaders coordinate across the federation.

Years five and six will have the opportunity to share trips and visits in a wider community to prepare them for senior school.

Thank you for your interest in our schools and we welcome you to have a look around. Please contact the schools to arrange an appointment.

Our Vision Statement

"We learn and build the future TOGETHER"