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Stenbury Federation  - Chillerton & Rookley, Godshill and Wroxall Primary Schools

Governing Body Information

What do governors do?

The role of the governing body is a strategic one, its key functions are to:

 Set the aims and objectives for the school

 Set the policies for achieving those aims and objectives

 Set the targets for achieving those aims and objectives

 Monitor and evaluate the progress the school is making towards achievement of its aims and objectives

 Be a source of challenge and support to the headteacher (a critical friend)

The governing body has a clerk whose role is to provide administrative support and advice on governance, constitutional and procedural matters.

Stenbury Federation has one governing body overseeing the strategic direction of the Federation. The governing body meets once a term.

Governors also play a key role in monitoring by visiting the school, analysing school performance data, talking to staff and talking to pupils.

If you have any questions about the governors, or if you are interested in becoming a governor, please contact the Clerk, Mrs Leigh Mannix, by email to or by letter to your School Office.